About us

"InfraCrystal" Ltd.  is one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductor single crystals. Our company is a dynamically developing production which is based on high-tech equipment, many years of research activities and irreplaceable experience of our experts.



Since the mid-1950s development of semiconductor and optical materials science and also development of optics and microelectronics in the Soviet Union by their scope and results are comparable with the development of the atomic project and the creation of space rocket complex.

The State Institute of Rare Metals "Giredmet" (Moscow) may be rightfully considered as the ancestor of materials science for optical and semiconductor industry of the former USSR. 


"InfraCrystal" produces silicon and germanium single crystals. We call your attention to the fact that we deliver both raw crystals and ready polished components. Our engineers with an average experience of work in this field for more than 30 years can produce high-quality crystals for your needs. We pay special attention to the quality of grown crystals. 

Quality Control

In its activities, the company "InfraCrystal" focuses on the output of products which meets the international quality standards. Quality assurance is and will be a strategic direction underlying all our activities.  Certification is carried out in accordance with Russian standards and ASTM international standards that ensures compliance with specifications.